Belmacil Tint

Belmacil Tint Products & Their Benefits


When looking for the right lash lift and tint kit, beauty professionals want the best. It’s important to have products which give your clients a positive experience, as well as producing impressive results. This means they’ll come back for treatments with you time and time again, as well as recommending your services to others. To maximize the overall look achieved with lash lifts, Belmacil tint products can produce a more striking effect.


Here’s why Belmacil tints are so beneficial.


Why Choose Belmacil Tints?


  1. Full range of professional colors


Belmacil tints come in an extensive range of colors to allow beauty technicians and stylists to use them individually or mixed for the perfect shade. Their luxurious colors include blue, graphite, violet, green, red, dark brown, light brown, honey brown, blue-black, and black. Create the perfect shade for each client’s skin tone, hair color, and the look they want to achieve.


  1. High quality products


Belmacil has fast gained a reputation for providing tints which are renowned across the world for their consistency in producing the best results every time. Their powerful formula achieves clear definition and volume to enhance a client’s natural lashes. The beautiful results achieved will help this service become a firm client favorite on your treatment lists before you know it.


  1. Use on both brows and lashes


The tints can be used on both brows and lashes, opening up your treatments to more clients. The color effects can last for six to eight weeks once applied, removing the need to use clumpy mascaras or unnatural looking eyebrow makeup. With approximately 100 applications per tint tube, they create cost-effective treatments to help improve your profit margins.


  1. Suitable for all client needs


By customizing colors to a client’s look and preferences, it’s easy to solve a magnitude of problems your customers may be facing. This includes solutions for those who want to cover white or grey hair or add even more depth to lighter hair colors.


  1. Enhance lash lift results


It can be a nightmare for beauty professionals when they use a tinting product which can reduce the effect of lash lift treatments. Belmacil tints have been highly successful when used as part of the Elleebana lash lift and tint process, providing a gentle Swiss formula which is easy to apply and leaves no mess.


Transform both your services and your clients’ look with Belmacil products. A wide range of products and kits are available online in our lash lift store and don’t forget to check out our Belmacil tint store for individual colors.


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