Brow Henna Kit

Brow Henna Kit

Brow Henna Kit – What’s Included?

Part of building a successful salon and beauty business is delivering the best treatments for outstanding results and developing a loyal client base. That’s why we provide world-class training and products to professionals who are passionate about creating the ultimate beauty experience for their clients. This includes the best brow henna kit in the industry, providing you with everything you need to deliver the next generation of eyebrow tinting. This natural alternative to traditional tints uses a gentle formula to create a tattoo effect on the brows that stays for up to six weeks on the hairs.

But what do you need to provide the best henna services?

Elleebana’s Eyebrow Henna Kit

When making the investment in your henna kit, it’s important to understand what you’re receiving and how it will help you to provide treatments which will make a real difference to your clients. Here are some of the products you can expect in Elleebana’s complete henna kit.

Seven Luxurious Colors

Elleebana delivers seven colors to suit every skin tone. This ranges from black through to blonde shades, and these can be used individually if they’re a perfect match. You can also mix the dyes to produce a shade which perfectly suits your client’s existing hair color and skin tone if they want to enhance the look of their brows. Each bottle lasts for up to 100 applications.

PH Aqua Activator

Elleebana’s PH Aqua Activator is a great product for enhancing results and nourishing the brows. All you need to do is mix in 8 to 10 drops of the solution per treatment, helping to restore natural brow growth as well as shaping the eyebrows.

Brow Shampoo

By applying shampoo before the treatment, it enables a deep clean of the brows to open up the scales. This allows for a more even coverage of the henna across the eyebrows, creating a fuller, smoother finish. Apply with a lip brush applicator after using makeup remover, both of which are included in your henna kit.

Mixing Sticks

Use these sticks to create the perfect blend of dyes or for mixing the PH activator with the colors. A henna mixing glass can also be purchased for ease of use.

Eyebrow Brush

Use specialist soft brushes to apply the brow henna, or these versatile brushes can be utilized to groom the eyebrows before the treatment, ensuring each hair is in place. They’re also useful for blending the brow hennas or prepping the dye before its applied.

Advertising Flyers

Don’t forget to promote your services to your clients, showcasing the benefits of henna brows using a set of advertising flyers available in your kit. These can be bought separately too once you see the positive effect on your treatment uptake.

Need to top up your brow henna kit? Take a look at our Elleebana henna store now for all the supplies you need to succeed.


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