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Brow Henna


Elleebana Brow Henna

Introducing Elleebana Brow Henna, the newest trend for brow color in the beauty industry!

Beauty professionals and salon owners are always on the lookout for the newest and hottest services to offer their client base.

At the Lash Lift Store by Elleebana, we offer an all of Elleebana’s henna colors. This high quality method of eyebrow tinting produces a temporary tattoo effect on the skin, lasting for up to 6 weeks on the skin and up to 12 weeks on the eyebrow hair.


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Benefits of Elleebana Henna Treatments for Brows

Here at the Lash Lift Store, we’re passionate about providing the best training and beauty products across the US. That’s why we offer Elleebana’s Brow Henna kit in our online store. Elleebana pushes the boundaries for what it means to create innovative beauty products. Alongside other amazing Elleebana products such as our One Shot Lash Lift Kits, they also supply a variety of Brow Henna colors which is the latest trend in brow enhancement treatments.

The name comes from the fact their coloring agents are derived from the Henna plant which has helped Elleebana create a high quality, luxurious color range to add to your treatment lists. By extracting the henna directly from the leaves and flowers, it provides a superior skin stain for the ultimate brow coloration treatment. Stylists often offer this treatment alongside expert lash lift services, creating a stunning overall look for their clients while maximizing productivity within each treatment session.


Why Do We Love Elleebana Henna Products?

Create the Perfect Brow Colors

Elleebana provides an extensive henna color range which is ideal for creating the perfect brow shade for your clients, enhancing the final results. While each dye can be used individually, they’re also formulated to be mixed together which means you can achieve a shade which complements each client’s skin tone and hair color. This helps beauty professionals accomplish an amazing finish which many others don’t, leaving clients coming back to use their services time and time again.

Innovative Formula

Elleebana’s brow henna provides several benefits to your clients. Its gentle formula has been created to not only focus on color but the health of eyebrows too. The treatment strengthens the eyebrow hairs, restoring growth and the natural brow shapes. Elleebana has worked for years to find the best henna plant suppliers to work with. This gives you the peace of mind you’re using a product on your clients which has been manufactured to the highest of standards, maintaining the integrity of the original color extracted.

A Treatment for Everyone

Elleebana’s henna colors are suitable for all skin types and tones, encompassing a wider selection of clients for you to offer the treatment to. Their natural shades enhance the existing brows, helping to promote natural-looking beauty which so many clients are craving. This includes those who have over-plucked their eyebrows or where hairs are sparse.

Is This the Same as Eyebrow Tints?

Many assume that eyebrow henna is the same as tinting treatments. However, the way they work is very different. Eyebrow tints work by using an oxidant to open hair cuticles, allowing the color to penetrate the brow hairs. Henna treatments are unique in comparison, coating the top layers of the hair shaft only. This also has the advantage of buffering out imperfections in the brows, creating a finish which is smooth, softer, and thicker. As a plant-based natural alternative to tinting products, henna is less harmful than those containing high levels of oxidizing agents and hydrogen peroxide. Many clients ask for this treatment if they have sensitive skin or enjoy the look of the skin stain through their brow hairs. For beauty professionals, it’s ideal for opening up your brow services to a wider client base while exploring how to customize treatments to individual client needs, producing more successful results.

Henna Products at Lash Lift Store

Partnering with Elleebana to provide you with the best henna products for your clients’ brows, we have a huge collection of colors to choose from, as well as tools such as the henna application brush and mixing glass. We provide everything you need to offer this amazing treatment to your clients and to produce the best results to build your reputation as a top stylist.

The selection of colors available includes:

  • Black
  • Dark brown
  • Mocha brown
  • Natural brown
  • Golden brown
  • Light brown
  • Blonde

Each of the henna colors comes with 100 applications, providing a return on investment that’s more than worth it. Such a cost-effective solution can make a real difference to your salon’s profit margins.

The formula contains the beneficial mixture of hydrolyzed proteins, vitamin complex, and anti-oxidants which help to promote the natural condition of the eyebrows. There’s no hydrogen peroxide or ammonia included in the solutions, creating a product which doesn’t damage the brows. We all know how some beauty treatments can leave our eyebrows looking damaged over time, so it’s refreshing to provide brow coloring which is nourishing too.

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