Elleebana Tips n’ Tricks


You are inundated for choice when it comes lash lifting products, there are so many different options now a-days.  All of us at Lash Lift Store by Elleebana think that Elleebana is by far and away the best at what they do. I know surprise… surprise. Elleebana is amazing and produces incredible results. Our products do this because we have been the leader in eyelash and eyebrow enhancement for nearly two decades. Our lotions have been developed with the therapist/cosmo/esthi in mind and allows the therapist to get amazing results, quickly and those results are guaranteed with each lift. We choose to use single use, hygienic sachets to avoid the product oxidizing between clients and we developed this sachet system some 11 years ago now.  Our products are tested in-house and each production is approved before dispatching and its these high standards and quality products that have us distributing our Australia brand to over 40 countries worldwide now and the traction is growing dramatically daily. 

Some key points too consider also are the processing times for Elleebana as so many brands will see you processing for up to 15 – 20 mins for a single step.  Elleebana is processed with the timings 6 mins for lifting and 5 mins for setting for a good percentage of clients.  Meaning more clients through your door daily and your clients will be grateful for the amazing results that they don’t have to dedicate their entire lunch break to get.

Lash Lifting Tips 

  1. Timing, less is more! 6 with the lifting lotion and 5 minutes with the setting is your average time for the majority of your clients! times will go up or down depending on the type of lashes.
  2. Ensure lashes reach well past the halfway mark of the chosen rod for a lifted and curled appearance
  3. We have 4 adhesives to choose from! Its good to keep an extra on hand, just in case!
  4. Aftercare is everything! Invest in Elleeplex or Elleevate to maintain those strong healthy lashes!
  5.  Elleebana’s Newest Product is Elleeplex ReGEN! ReGEN is the cherry on top after every lash lift!

Brow Henna Tips



Cleanse and wash the brows with our Henna Shampoo throughly. You will want to shampoo/exfoliate for a full minute PER brow!

  1. Use correct side of the scoop. You want to use the square side, not the circular. 
  2. One scoop to 8 drops of the Aqua Activator.  
  3. Mix throughly. The electric mixing tool is a MUST! It should be a thin paste, not too thick but shouldn’t be runny either.
  4.  PUSH the henna into the brow. For a perfect even skin stain you really need to dab it in the skin with a little bit of pressure.
  5.  Longer  time means darker color, you can leave it on past the 20 minutes. Your results will be better. 
  6. 5. Add the smallest amount of black or dark brown to add depth into ALL of the lighter colors. Black or Dark Brown needs to be added to every mixture! 
  7. 6. Aftercare is essential. Avoid scrubbing and rubbing the brow area, avoid AHA BHA for aggressive cleansers on the brow area. 


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