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Elleebana Training Courses for Beauty Professionals


Leading the way for both lash lifts and brow henna treatments, Elleebana continually sets the bar for the types of services beauty professionals should be offering. Elleebana training is the ideal way to start providing high quality eyelash and brow treatments that your clients will love. This is something we offer here at the Lash Lift store, and you can choose to learn in the best way for you with both hands-on and online training available.


We have a selection of great courses on offer, including those for lash lifts, brow henna, SPM, and Belmacil tints, teaching you the theory and practical elements required to perfect your skills. We’ll support you to build your business and achieve a loyal client base who will recommend your services to others while coming back for treatments time and time again.


Why complete your training with the Lash Lift Store?


  • We partner with top beauty brands such as Belmacil and Elleebana.


  • Get access to the best trainers and products, learning the techniques which produce optimal results for your clients.


  • Choose the most convenient schedule for your own training – either guided hands-on experience or an online course to complete in your own time (3 months).


  • Receive your official Elleebana certificate to start promoting your new services.


  • Enjoy ongoing support from tutors and get access to amazing products and kits in our online store.


Start your journey today, advancing your beauty career to the next level with one of our Elleebana courses. Apply now.




Why Train in Elleebana Treatments?


Would you like to train from anywhere in the US? The Lash Lift Store has a range of options when it comes to Elleebana training, including an online course which is great for those who prefer learning in their own time. Breaking the course material into easy to follow video tutorials, you’ll learn everything from how to use tools correctly and the theory behind the treatment to the techniques required to get the best outcomes. However, it’s not just the results we focus on. Anyone running a successful beauty business understands just how important the client experience is. Therefore, we’ll show you how to carry out treatments in the most comfortable way for your clients as well as getting the most out of the treatment time to ensure you maximize your profits.


Elleebana leads the way in brow and eyelash enhancement treatments, and their products are popular for a variety of reasons. They have the flexibility to allow you to customize treatments to the needs of your client, creating the style they want while taking into account their existing features. For example, you’ll find different sized silicone rods available, meaning even those with short lashes can have them lifted from their base. Elleebana also puts an emphasis on beneficial products which won’t damage the health of brows or lashes, using ingredients which strengthen hairs and promote natural growth.


Elleebana Lash Lifts, SPM & Brow Henna


Choose the right course for you or work your way through the training programs to build up your amazing range of treatments to offer clients.


Elleebana Lash Lift & Belmacil Tints


The lash lift is fast becoming one of the most talked about lash enhancements in the industry. Negating the need for strip or individual lash extensions, the natural eyelashes are lifted straight from their base, producing a defined curl which lasts for up to 12 weeks. On our Elleebana lash lift course, you’ll learn the theory behind each stage of the treatment and the best techniques when using the various products required. You’ll also receive a student kit, even if completing the online course, to help you get started with offering the treatment. You’ll also find out more about Belmacil tints which are ideal for application alongside a lash lift, and how your clients can maximize results with the right Elleebana lash lift aftercare.

Elleebana Brow Henna


Create the perfect eyebrow color by using Elleebana’s brow hennas either individually or mixed to create the ideal shade. Derived from the henna plant or tree, these superior products are highly beneficial as well as achieving a beautiful look. Each color’s formula has been created to strengthen the brow hairs while restoring the natural growth and shape of the eyebrows. We’ll teach you the best techniques for matching shades to client skin tone and hair color, as well who you may want to recommend brow henna services to. This includes those with sparse eyebrow hairs or have overplucked or waxed their brows. When you purchase brow henna products after your training, with over 100 applications per bottle, you’ll be able to create a cost-effective service which your clients will adore.

Elleebana SPM


Another of our online Elleebana courses is for SPM – semi permanent mascara. With flexible options, you can access high quality instructional videos to watch at your own pace. This mascara technique is unlike any other, creating a lash coating which has staying power. The durable, smudge-free results can last for two to four weeks, removing the need for clients to apply mascara in this time. You can also recommend this service alongside lash lift treatments or lash extensions. SPM suits clients with medium to long length lashes, and they can return to your salon after three to four weeks to have a fresh coating applied. Our experts explain the entire process and all the tools and products required in your training sessions.


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