Elleebana Online Training

Elleebana Online Training

Elleebana Training Online & What It Involves


Professional training is one of the most important parts of ensuring your beauty business offers the best treatments, delivering results which delight your clients time after time. Unfortunately, some think that training is as easy as watching a video on YouTube, but this isn’t the best way to perfect your skills. Lash lifts are one of the most popular lash enhancement treatments that beauty technicians are choosing to learn more about. One of the questions we often get here at the Lash Lift Store is what our Elleebana training online courses involve. Here’s an overview of what you can expect.


Why Train Online for Elleebana Lash Lifts?


While there’s no doubt that hands-on training is the best way to develop your practical skills when it comes to beauty treatments, online training is the most convenient type of course for those with busy lifestyles. For professionals striving to achieve the right balance between work, home, and improving their own skills, online courses are a great option. That said, without the proper training, it’s easy for lash lifts to go wrong, so it’s important to complete a professional course. Why risk damaging your client’s lashes and your reputation?


Learn about Elleebana


Elleebana is the world’s most talked about lash lift company, and we’ll show you all the benefits and amazing results their products deliver. From the theory behind each stage of the lifting process to Elleebana lash lift aftercare tips, you’ll get all the information and support you need to start offering the service to your clients.


Student Lash Lift Kit


If undergoing lash lift training (rather than a brow henna course), we’ll mail your student kit to you once you’ve purchased your online course, containing everything you need to get started. This includes 15 lifting and setting lotions, course manual, silicone rods, lifter tool, and lash lift adhesive. You’ll also be learning about Belmacil tints and color theory, so we include a free brush and make-up remover. You can also download the manual from our course pages.


Step-by-Step Videos


Each part of the course is broken down into easy to digest videos which lead you through each part of the lash lift process. These will show you precisely what’s needed and the techniques required to lift the lashes and produce stunning results. We also cover the science behind the Elleebana products, how to perfect your skills, and how each tool should be used correctly.


Get Your Elleebana Certificate


For successful course completion, you’ll need to complete three case studies with photographic evidence, but you’ll have three months to complete your course. If you successfully complete the training in this timeframe, you’ll receive your Elleebana Lash Lift Certificate in the mail and gain visibility on their official page. We provide unlimited and ongoing support to all our students, helping you build a successful beauty business with a loyal client base.


Want to complete your Elleebana Training Online? Get Elleebana Certified with our online courses now.



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