Elleebana Eyelash Lift and Belmacil Tint Kits

Elleebana Eyelash Lift and Belmacil Tint Kits

Eyelash Lift and Tint Kit – Where to Find the Best Products


The top beauty professionals need to develop their skills in order to stay on top. They do this by using the highest quality products along with always perfecting their skills. However, with so many brands and distributors to choose from, it can be hard to know which company can provide you with the best product and education. This dilemma is why so many professionals use the Lash Lift Store and Elleebana. Supplying a range of products to suit every need, our lash lift kits and tint kits have everything you require to get started and offer both lash lifts and tinting services, using the best products, and obtaining the best advanced education .


Why Choose Our Elleebana one shot Lash Lift & Belmacil Tint Kits?


Here are some of the benefits on offer when you get your hands on our kits:


The Best Brands


Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift is the worlds leader in lash and brow enhancement and Belmacil Tint is special formulated to work with Elleebana, giving you and you clients the best and most consistent results you expect and love. We have scoured the country for the best beauty partners to work with to enable us to offer the best products and training in the industry.


Wide Range of Products


In our lift and tint kits, you’ll find everything you need to start offering these amazing services to your clients. This includes a variety of sizes of One Shot Elleebana sachets packs for easy single-use treatments, as well as lash lifting adhesive, combo pack of silicone rods, Belma-Remove, Belmacil Application Brush, and an applicator tool. (kit contents vary depending on the type of kit you choose) Our Belmacil Tint Kits come in two sizes. Our Belmacil Mini Tint Kit has 4 colors, Black, Blue Black, Dark Brown, and Light Brown, along with everything else you will need to start offering the best lash and brow tinting services to you clients. Visit our Belmacil Tint Store to see more.


Lash Lift Training Evolved


If completing your Training and Certification with us, you’ll receive an Elleebana Lash Lift Evolved Kit, Student Manual, and Elleebana Certificate after completing the training. This includes 15 setting and lifting lotions, a Combo Pack of Silicone Rods, Original Lash Lifting Adhesive, Belmacil brush, Lash Lifting Isolator Tool, Premium Under Eye Patches, Micro Brushes, One tube of Elleeplex Clear Keratin Mascara, and Belma-Remove 30ml Makeup Remover. This pack is the ideal way to start perfecting your practical skills, having learned the theory behind each stage of the lash lift and tint process.

Offer Beneficial Treatments


Beauty treatments often produce a short-term results while damaging the health of a client’s lashes, brows, skin, or hair. Elleebana has formulated their products especially to be ensure the health of the lashes, introducing keratin into their lash lifting process. Keratin promotes healthy growth, while nourishing, and protecting the hair, ensuring your clients lashes become stronger, thicker, and longer.


Grow Your Business and Client List


Focus on great results by offering both lash lifting and tinting to create results for your clients that will get noticed. Our products are also incredibly cost-effective, with each Elleebana Lash Lift and Belmacil Tint service lasting 6 – 8 weeks. Lash Lift Store supports you by helping to build a successful client list, offering a host of options to aid you on your journey. This includes marketing materials, tips, tricks, and troubleshooting to help you promote you and your business.

Want to find the best eyelash lift and tint kit for you? Take a look in our online Elleebana store now.


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