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Individual Lash Extensions – The Best Lash Enhancement Technique?


Our beauty clients always ask us how they can achieve gorgeous, naturally curled lashes without having to use uncomfortable, false looking extensions. Individual lash extensions are a great choice where hairs are sparse, or there’s an imbalance between the lower and upper lashes. However, an alternative clients may not have considered is lash lift treatments which are fast becoming the best lash enhancement technique in the industry.


We train beauty professionals across the US in Elleebana lash lifts and Belmacil tints, teaching them how to achieve amazing results every time. Instead of the high maintenance application and aftercare required with lash extensions, this alternative treatment ‘lifts’ the natural lashes from their base. It’s suitable for eyelash hairs of all lengths and loved by clients for enhancing the features they already have.


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Learn more about Elleebana lash lift training and the great range of courses on offer for beauty professionals. Find out how you can get your certification on our course information pages now.




What Are Individual Eyelash Extensions?


Individual lash extensions are just one of the ways you can create the appearance of fuller, thicker lashes. Full strip eyelash extensions are sometimes difficult to apply and uncomfortable to wear, so there are better options available now for those hoping to create longer lasting results. This treatment works by attaching individual synthetic lashes one by one, filling out the eyelash area, and they come in many different lengths, colors, and thicknesses. You can create the look and style you want from subtle enhancements to a more glamorous look. The downside of this treatment is that the lashes can take about 90 minutes to apply and may only last 2 to 3 weeks with the right aftercare. As beauty professionals passionate about providing the best experience and results for our clients, we think Elleebana lash lifts are a great alternative to individual extensions.


The Lash Lift Explained


The lash lift has made waves across the beauty industry over recent times, making an impact on treatment lists all over the world as a viable alternative to professional lash extensions. Natural beauty is something stylists love to promote, and this is achievable with lash lifts. The treatment works by selecting silicone rods appropriate for the existing lash lengths, using a keratin infused adhesive to ‘lift’ the lashes from their roots. The effect is a long, smooth, and beautiful curl with maximum definition, lasting up to three months before clients come in for a top-up treatment. For the best results, you can combine a lash lift with Belmacil tints to create a more defined look. Another benefit when looking at lash extensions vs lash lifts is the fast application time. This 20-minute treatment gives your clients a comfortable experience and helps you stay as cost-efficient as possible.


Train with the Lash Lift Store


If you’re looking for something better than the usual lash extensions training classes you may have attended in the past, here at the Lash Lift Store, we’re changing the way courses are offered. We understand that everyone has responsibilities and busy lives, but also that everyone learns in different ways. That’s why we offer both hands-on and online lash lift training. If choosing the online route, you’ll have three months to complete the course, including case studies, so that you have the time to learn the theory and practice your new found skills. Whatever type of course you choose, you’ll receive a lash lift student kit with everything you need to carry out the treatment, as well as a manual for your reference. Once you’ve completed your course, there are endless Elleebana and Belmacil products and lash lift kits to explore in our online beauty store.


Finding the Best Lash Extensions Products for Your Clients


Alongside our world-class training for beauty professionals, we want to support others to offer the very best in lash enhancement services to their clients. This means using products which enable you to carry out comfortable lash lifts and yield enviable results. In our online store, we supply a range of kits to suit your needs, from starter packs containing all the basics to full lash lift and tint kits. We also offer individual products and tools such as clear keratin mascara, silicone rods in five size variants, extra hold adhesive, isolator tools, and a range of tint options in our Belmacil store. This helps you to maximize your profits by getting your hands on the supplies you need. We also believe in promoting your services as much as possible, so have a collection of marketing tools for you to use, showcasing treatments through:


  • Decals
  • Table tents
  • Informational flyers
  • Aftercare flyers
  • Advertising posters
  • Branded aprons
  • Branded make-up bags
  • Mascara display cases
  • Gift cards


In a competitive industry, it’s essential to create visibility and encourage conversations about your treatments with your clients. We’ll support you to offer the best services in your area.


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If you’re looking for individual lash extensions for your clients, but think lash lift treatments are an exciting opportunity to expand your services even further, the Lash Lift Store is here to support you. Take a look at some of the products we offer in our Elleebana lash lift store now.