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Keratin Lash Lift and Tint – Products & Training for Beauty Professionals


Those who love beauty enhancements such as those for their lashes often worry about the damage they could be doing. This is pretty counterproductive when you think about it. Here at the Lash Lift Store, we partner with brands who not only promote enhancing the natural features you already have but also use beneficial ingredients to improve the condition of brows and lashes. This includes training and products for a keratin lash lift and tint treatment which beauty professionals and clients go wild for.


By combining lash lifts with keratin treatments, it means you can offer the best in lash enhancement services as part of your beauty business. The treatment helps to create a beautiful curl without using extensions, regardless of how long the natural lashes are. Keratin based products strengthen lashes, helping to improve their health and the longevity of results. For the ultimate look, lash tints can be used to create gorgeous lashes in any color.


Why train with us?


  • We’re an official US trainer and distributor for Elleebana lash lifts and Belmacil tints.


  • Get your hands on keratin products which nourish and condition lashes to maximize results for your clients.


  • Learn the theory and practical skills to produce the best lash lift results.


  • Find a wide range of lash lift and tint kits in our online store and receive your starter pack when you train on our Elleebana courses.


  • Get the support you need to build a successful beauty business which offers the very latest in beneficial lash enhancement techniques.


If you’d like to take a look at some of the keratin products which are changing the industry, take a look in our Elleebana store now.




Why Choose a Lash Lift & Tint with Keratin?


Keratin’s Benefits


Keratin is used in products for its beneficial properties and the positive effect it has on hair, nails, and skin. Derived from naturally occurring proteins, keratin’s fibrous structure can help aid repair and provide structural support for areas of the body where it’s found. When it comes to the keratin found in hair and lashes, it offers protection to both the inner cortex of each hair as well as the exterior of the cuticle. By using products containing keratin, it helps to replenish supplies which have depleted due to certain environmental factors and treatments. This includes chemicals, heat, and low quality styling techniques which can damage the structure of hair, brows, and eyelashes. Keratin based products can supply a variety of benefits such as providing added strength for lashes, protecting them from breaking easily.


Lash Lifts


Lash lifts have grown in popularity for lengthening the look of natural lashes without the need for false extensions. The ‘lift’ works by using silicone rods which come in different sizes for customized treatments, using a keratin lotion to lift the eyelashes right from their root. The result is a defined, smooth curl rather than kinked lashes which can occur with other enhancement techniques. Here at the Lash Lift Store, we provide training and products for the Elleebana lash lift which uses keratin and other beneficial ingredients to improve the condition of the lashes, leaving them looking healthier than ever. This not only enhances results but helps the lash lift to last for two to three months. After your training, promote keratin lash lift and tint services in your salon or treatment rooms.


Keratin Lash Lift Training & Products


When you train with the Lash Lift Store, we’ll introduce you to all the products which should be part of your complete keratin lash lift kit. This includes those which you can sell to your clients such as mascaras which are ideal for use after a lash lift.


Keratin Adhesive


The giant curl produced by the lash lift is achieved via products which enhance the lifting process. Elleebana’s Extra Hold Keratin Infused Adhesive is one of these, providing a 10% stronger hold when holding lashes to the silicone lifting rods. Say goodbye to lashes popping off during the treatment, reducing the chances that you’ll need to reapply the adhesive to your client’s lashes. The formula contains both keratin and biotin to strengthen and thicken the eyelashes.


Keratin Mascaras


Elleebana has manufactured several keratin mascaras to enhance results and give your client’s the opportunity to purchase a product which won’t minimize the effects of the lash lift. This includes their Elleeplex clear keratin mascara which has been formulated to restore proteins in the lashes, speed up cell generation, and improve moisture levels in the hairs. The added ingredient of sunflower oil extract helps to protect lashes for longer lasting results after tinting. They also offer an Elleevate lash lift mascara which you can buy alongside a display case, helping to promote your treatments and ensure your services are as visible as possible.


Enhance the Look with Tints


As part of your keratin lash lift training, you can learn how Belmacil tints enhance the overall look created for your clients. Master the skill of matching colors to a client’s skin tone and hair color, finding a shade which is ideal for the look they want to create while complementing their existing features perfectly. Belmacil tints come in a range of colors from black and light brown shades to vibrant red and green. They help to achieve clear definition after a lash lift and are internationally renowned for consistent results. With approximately 100 applications available in every tube, they’re a profitable option for any beauty stylist who has trained in the ultimate lash lift.


Want to Train?


If you’d like to train in how to carry out the best keratin lash lift and tint in the industry, apply now through our Elleebana course pages. You’ll find all the information you need to secure your place and advance your beauty career to the next level.