Evolved Lash Lift Training

Evolved Lash Lift Training

Evolved Lash Lift Training Courses – Why Enroll?


Beauty professionals across the US strive to take their talents and skills to the next level by continually looking for the very best in products and treatments. That’s why so many are choosing to embark on their keratin lash lift training, understanding the benefits on offer for their clients. So, why should you apply for keratin lash lift and tint training? Here are just a few of the reasons why.


Lash Lift Training with Keratin Products


Produce the Best Results


Lash lifts are famed for their incredible results, adhering the lashes to silicone rods during the treatment to produce a naturally long and smooth curl, whatever the length of your existing lashes. One of the reasons we became a US distributor and trainer for the Elleebana lash lift is the consistent and amazing results delivered. Not only that, but effects are enhanced through the use of keratin in some of their supplies. For example, their strong hold adhesive is infused with keratin which is used to apply the lashes to the curling rods. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein which is already found in hair but can deplete as lashes become damaged. Using products which contain keratin can help to strengthen and support the structure of the eyelashes, stopping them from breaking easily while ensuring they look healthier than ever.


Promote Benefits to Your Clients


Beauty technicians often promote the short term benefits of a treatment, but with keratin lash lifts, you can now educate your clients about the long term health of their lashes. Chemicals, heat, and other treatments can damage hairs, so it’s important to use products which protect their lashes. We love supporting beauty professionals to grow their services, giving you the tools to promote your treatments as much as possible while showcasing the benefits on offer to your clients. You can even provide customers with the opportunity to purchase keratin mascaras which are ideal for use after a lash lift and tint treatment. Coming in a professional display case, your clients will soon be asking more about keratin treatments even if they were visiting your salon for another reason.

Easily Top-Up Supplies & Keratin Products


Here at the Lash Lift Store, we offer a wide range of supplies to support your lash lift services, including a collection of keratin lash lift kit products to choose from. Once you’ve learned from top trainers who have years of experience delivering high quality results, you can build up your supplies. We’ll start you off in your training with a lash lift student pack, containing everything you need to offer the treatments to your clients.


Want to start your training?


We provide a selection of online and hands-on courses to learn the skills you need to deliver beneficial lash lift treatments to your clients. Get Elleebana certified with our keratin lash lift training course.


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