Lash Lift and Tint Kit


Lash Lift and Tint Kit for Beauty Professionals


Lash lifts are one of the most popular lash enhancement treatments, famed for their ability to enhance the natural lashes without the need for extensions. When beauty professionals undergo their lash lift training, it gives them the knowledge they need to develop a business which offers the very latest techniques to their clients. If you’ve received your official certification and need the best beauty supplies to carry out your treatments, we provide a lash lift and tint kit unlike any other.


Containing everything you need to provide lash lifts to the highest of standards, our collection of kits at the Lash Lift Store will help you maximize results and give your clients the best experience possible. We are a US distributor and trainer for Elleebana lash lifts, who set the industry standard for both products and training.


Why use our kits?


  • Access our online beauty store for some of the most advanced lash lift kits available.


  • Find everything you need from silicone rods to Belmacil tints.


  • Train with us on our world-class courses to get a lash lift starter kit.


  • Produce the best results with high quality tools and applicators.


  • Grow your successful beauty business with rewarding services.


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The Best Eyelash Lift and Tint Kit Collection


If you’re a salon or beauty stylist, you’ll have been asked by your clients about the best ways to enhance lashes. Many think extensions are the only option, so offering effective alternatives can really put your business on the map.


Lash lifts are popular for a variety of exciting reasons, including:


  • fast application time of only 20 minutes
  • naturally elongating the natural lashes, removing the need for uncomfortable, false looking extensions
  • straightening or lifting lashes from the root, producing gorgeous results
  • minimal aftercare required, making life easier for your clients


You can also let your clients know that Elleebana lash lift products are formaldehyde-free, using a nourishing and conditioning formula which contains keratin to actually strengthen and protect the lashes.


We know that every professional is different, so some beauty technicians may want to begin with a starter kit and build-up their supplies from there. Others search for a complete eyelash lift and tint kit which provides them with everything they need to open up their services to a wider client base than ever before. Therefore, we offer an extensive collection of kits, including basic lash lift supplies and those containing Belmacil tints.


What’s Included in a Complete Kit?


If you’re looking for a kit which contains both Elleebana lash lift and Belmacil tint supplies, we’ve put together the best set of products available. The complete lash lift and tint kit comprises of a whole range of items to make your lash lift services head and shoulders above the rest.


Here are some of the products included.


Elleebana Starter Kit


In this kit, you’ll receive quality products such as:


  • One shot Elleebana lift and neutralizer sachets – making applications as easy and hygienic as possible with single-use treatments.


  • Silicone lifting rods – coming in various sizes for different lash lengths, you can customize the treatment to client needs


  • Belma remove sample – a tint and eye makeup remover to clean the lashes before the lift


  • Lash adhesive – Elleebana’s adhesive offers a stronger hold than other brands to make the lash lift and tint process faster and easier


  • Application brush and stainless steel lash lifter – Achieve the perfect lash placement when applying the lashes to the rod before the lift solution is added

Belmacil Mini Tint Kit


Create desirable lashes and brows with Belmacil’s mini tints which are included in the lift and tint kit. Four colors are available, including light brown, dark brown, blue-black and black. You’ll also receive a mixing dish to perfect the ideal shades for each client’s skin tone and lash color, as well as a retractable applicator brush to help you achieve stunning results. While four tint colors are available in the kit, there are plenty of others in their impressive collection, with a whole host of shades available such as violet, graphite, green, and red.


Belmacil strives to create products which won’t reverse the effects of the lash lift, so there’s a range of gentle products available. Their paper eye shields are adjustable with a protective film to avoid penetration onto the skin, removing the need to use harsh removers near the lashes. A Belma Shield protective balm is a natural product consisting of beeswax and sweet almond oil, used for applying a barrier cream so that tints don’t stain the skin. They also provide a creme oxidant which is gentle on lashes, using a unique formulation to allow for more manageable mixing. This stops the tint from running into eyes and is a stabilized creme.


Get Your Hands on the Best Products


You can find a variety of other full-size kits if looking for either lash lift or tint packs as separate products in our online store. There are also plenty of other individual products on offer to enhance results and your profits. This includes promotional materials to market your services, aftercare flyers to help clients maintain their lash lift for longer, and products to sell to your own customers such as clear keratin mascaras which can be used after the lash lift treatment.


Building a successful business starts with training in the latest treatments and ensuring you have high quality products from top brands to use alongside your new-found knowledge and skills. Here at the Lash Lift Store, we’ll support you throughout, unlocking your potential to become the ultimate lash lift service provider in your area.


Take a look at our complete lash lift and tint kit now or browse the full range of products in our Elleebana lash lift store.