Lash Lift Training

Lash Lift Training

Lash Training – Why Choose a Lash Lift Course?


Beauty clients love amazing lashes, and you may find them asking about the latest treatments available. While lash extensions were once seen as the best option for achieving fuller looking lashes, other techniques which enhance the natural eyelashes are fast becoming more popular. If you’re looking to undergo lash perm training, consider how the lash lift is one of the most up to date forms of the treatment.


Looking to Train in the Lash Lift? Here’s Why becoming certified in Lash Lifting Is a service you need to offer.

Work with Great Brands


Beauty brands such as Elleebana and Belmacil are leading the way in the industry which is why our US trainers and distributors choose to use their lash lift and tint products. There’s not just a focus on results, but on the client experience too, ensuring they have fast, comfortable treatments while understanding the correct aftercare for maximizing effects of the lash lift. Luckily, the lash lift results are incredibly low maintenance, and results can last up to 12 weeks.


Great Alternative to the Lash Perm


While the traditional lash perm was once the best alternative to extensions, the lash lift has taken over as one of the best eyelash enhancement techniques available. Lifting the lashes from the root, rather than winding around a rod, the effect is defined, longer lashes. Lash lifts are suitable for all eyelash lengths, whereas a lash perm shortens the lashes by producing a tighter curl, so isn’t suitable for those with short eyelash hairs. This means the lash lift appeals to a much wider client base than ever before.


Improved Client Experience & Results


The lash lift application process takes only 20 minutes, giving clients another reason to cheer for the comfortable experience which awaits them. It also helps beauty businesses to become more profitable, fitting more treatments into a shorter timeframe. The silicone rods used allow for perfect positioning of the eyelashes, providing consistent results every time for lifting or straightening the lashes. With a nourishing and conditioning formula developed by Elleebana, ingredients such as keratin promote healthy growth and strengthen the eyelash hairs.


Put Together the Ultimate Lash Perm Kit


Take advantage of all the products we have here at the Lash Lift Store, putting together the ultimate kit for your needs. We have a collection of ready-made lash lift kits suitable for those with varying requirements, including complete lash lift and tint packs, essential boxes, and a lash perm kit. If you train with us, you’ll also receive a student kit which is ideal for getting started.

Online & Hands-On Courses


Learn via the best method for your needs, choosing between online courses and hands-on training. You’ll gain access to top trainers who will teach you everything you need to know from the science behind Elleebana’s products to the best techniques for superior results. We provide ongoing support to help you grow a successful business.


Looking to complete your lash perm training? Take a look at our range of Elleebana courses and advance your career today.


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