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Mink Lash Extensions – Natural Looking Lashes to Wow Your Clients


Beauty professionals across the US consistently ask us about lash enhancement treatments, whether it’s about Elleebana lash lifts or high quality extensions. One of the most popular products we’d recommend if choosing the latter is mink lash extensions.


This popular alternative to synthetic lashes is growing in popularity thanks to the range of benefits on offer to your clients when opting for mink extensions. Their soft and lightweight nature means they’re designed to increase both comfort and style, handcrafted for a natural looking curl every time.


Here at the Lash Lift Store, we’ve teamed up with Lashes Everlasting to provide some of the best luxury mink lashes available.


  • Get 100% cruelty-free mink lashes – all mink fur is naturally shed.


  • Super-light lash extensions that are comfortable to wear.


  • Grow your client base with high quality products from top brands.


  • Find a range of extensions for all types of lashes and needs.


  • Includes everyday wear lashes and sophisticated glam.


Searching for the best mink lashes to offer your clients? Take a look in our online store for the latest mink extensions and other beauty supplies.




Why Are Mink Extensions Perfect for Lashes?


When clients are looking for good lash extensions, some of the main concerns we hear is worries that they’ll be uncomfortable to wear and will produce a ‘false’ look. This is often the case when applying machine-made or synthetic lashes, especially if choosing to apply the products themselves rather than by professional means. Mink lash extensions have kicked up a storm for achieving amazing results. They’re handcrafted and attached to a flexible cotton band. This creates a more natural curl for the lashes which achieves a glamorous effect which complements the rest of your client’s look.


Mink extensions are so easy to apply with the following application steps recommended, using tweezers throughout the process.


  1. Gently peel the lashes from the outer edge to remove them from the box.
  2. Measure by resting along the lash line, and always start where natural lashes begin. Mark from the outer corner, counting 2 to 4 lashes in.
  3. Cut the lashes to size at the lash vein using a small pair of beauty scissors.
  4. Apply a thin layer of glue along the mink lashes and wait for it to become tacky.
  5. Press the strip against the lash line where the natural lashes begin.
  6. Pinch together the mink strip lashes and the natural lashes.


While mink is often in the news for the wrong reasons, all extensions from Lashes Everlasting are made from naturally shed fur. As a soft and lightweight product, they’re incredibly comfortable to wear while mimicking the appearance of real hair.


Grow Your Beauty Business


Beauty professionals love working with our team at the Lash Lift Store, recognizing our passion for results goes far beyond offering top training and products. While our world-class trainers work hard to find the very best products, we also want to support you to grow your talents. Not only can you start climbing the ladder to success, but genuinely provide the best services to your clients, giving them the confidence to look their best. This means continually striving to learn about the latest beauty treatments and give your clients the best experience possible. By offering beautiful lashes that are easy to wear, you can stay ahead of the game. When looking at mink vs synthetic lashes, it’s easy to see why mink is coming out on top time after time. In fact, with the proper care, mink lashes last for 20 to 25 uses, showcasing their superior quality.


Mink Lash Products


By teaming up with Lashes Everlasting, the Lash Lift Store is able to supply an extensive selection of mink extensions. Whatever the needs of your clients, you’ll be able to pair them up with the best products for their needs. All product specifications are made clear so that you can easily take into account the weight, band length, volume, and inner, center, and outer lash lengths. Perfectly match lashes to each client’s requirements. Here are just some of the styles you can select, as well as their limited collections.




Enhance your everyday look with Amber lashes which achieve a flirty effect with a fluffy texture.




Create a soft and wispy appearance around your eyes by introducing just enough volume without looking over the top.




Boost length and volume while striking the right balance between a sophisticated and sexy look.




Delivering a classically girly look, these fluffy lashes are both romantic and playful.




Ideal for a night out or a party, Alexandrite lashes turn things up a notch for a breathtaking look.



These flatter your appearance by providing a flair which adds the innocent touch to your lashes.



Add a dash of Hollywood glam to your look with a sophisticated, classic doll lash to open up the eyes.



For cheeky doll-like lashes which are ideal for everyday use, Emerald lashes are completely versatile.




Diamond lashes are super feminine, so it’s easy to feel fierce with dramatically enhanced volume and length.


Rose Quartz


These enchanting lashes are perfect for special occasions, creating an elegant and enchanting look.




Choose statement lashes when aiming for a dramatic look which adds length in bucketloads to the outermost lashes.



Turn up the volume with lashes which aim to mix playful and mysterious with flawless perfection.


Having such a diverse range of mink lashes allows clients to create the look they want, whatever the occasion.


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