Mink vs Synthetic Lashes

Mink vs Synthetic Lashes – Which Extensions Are Better?


Lash enhancements are one of the most popular beauty treatments, but with so many different types of lashes available, it can be hard to know which is the best option to offer your clients. That’s why we’ve broken down some the main differences between mink vs synthetic lashes to help you.


Mink Lash Extensions & Synthetic Lashes Compared


Synthetic lashes are usually machine-made and are the most common type of lash extensions you’ll see. They provide volume by producing thicker false eyelashes and are often made as a single-use product. On the other hand, mink lashes are handcrafted from naturally shed fur which gives them a lighter feel and a soft, fluffy look which mimics real eyelash hairs.


Application & Comfort


Due to the consistency of synthetic lashes, they are often uncomfortable to wear, being heavier and stiffer than mink, so are also less flexible to apply. Mink lash extensions are more malleable as they sit along a cotton band. This makes it easier to align the strip of lashes along the natural lash line. Such soft and lightweight mink lashes provide unparalleled comfort, naturally curling away from the eyes for maximum effect.

How Long Do They Last?


Synthetic lashes are sold everywhere, making it easy to get your hands on them. However, they tend to only last once or for a few uses before you have to throw them away. In comparison, mink lashes are of much higher quality. With the proper care, they can last between 20 and 25 uses, providing a better return on a client’s investment.


Overall Look Created


False lashes are usually made from synthetic materials such as plastic fibers. This can create an unnatural look as each lash hair is thicker than the natural lashes. Mink replicates the look of natural lash hairs, being natural shed to remain 100% cruelty-free. The benefit is selecting lashes which are ideal for creating the look you want from everyday wear to the ultimate party look. Mink strip lashes blend effortlessly with your existing lashes to enhance the natural look. Each lash is incredibly fine compared to synthetic extensions, making it almost impossible to distinguish between what’s real and what’s been applied.


When considering mink vs synthetic lashes, there really is no comparison. That’s why beauty professionals across the US are adding them to their treatment lists and supplies. They’re one of the best lash extension products on the market, and the Lash Lift Store is now proud to offer them too, having partnered up with the amazing Lashes Everlasting.


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