Our Story



Want to know more about us? Our Story gives you the backround on Lash Lift Store. Why we began this journey, our core principals, and our future goals.

Our Story

We began our journey as Elleebana Distributors about 3 years ago. Sara was working as an Everlasting Brows Instructor for My Absolute Beauty and I worked in the Security Industry. My Absolute Beauty owners Mckay and Jodi Jolley were then and still today are the Distribution Hub for Elleebana in the USA. Elleebana at this time was relatively new to the lash and brow scene in the United States. In order grow there company and introduce Elleebana to the US market, Jodi and Mckay had  begun to aggressively establish a network of Sub-Distributors and Trainers across the USA. It was at this time that Sara and I went to dinner with both Jodi and Mckay. Mckay and Jodi presented us with the opportunity to become Elleebana distributors. What they said that night and what we all discussed made a lot of sense to both Sara and I. Witnessing Sara educate beauty professionals around the US as well as seeing the number of clients that sought her out for her services allowed me to gain perspective on the type of money that the beauty industry generates. Also, the timing of the opportunity for us couldn’t have been better. I wanted to find something that didn’t require me to travel and be away from my family for long periods of time that my current occupation required as well as after spending 13 years in security I was more than a bit burnt out. Sara and I talked it over for a couple days after our initial conversation with Jodi and Mckay. We came to the conclusion that we were going to and wanted to take on the challenge and the opportunity to start our own Elleebana Product and Training Distribution.

Sara and I started our distribution not knowing what the future had in store, nor did know whether or not it would turn into something that could support us financially. Regardless, we went after it as if we had no other options. Either we were gonna build our distribution into a successful business or we were gonna die trying. So with unshakable faith and tunnel visioned focus in ourselves, the products, as well as our partnership with My Absolute Beauty and Elleebana we began our journey.
The dynamics of Sara and I working relationship and why it works so well is because we both play our roles and we stay in our lanes. Sara is the licensed beauty expert with the experience and knowledge needed to ever dream of being successful. She educated me along the way on everything from products , trainings, and services, to all the intricate details pertaining to the beauty world and the people in it. I brought with me and used the skills I had acquired in sales, marketing, and business management over the years and applied them to the operations, marketing, customer relations, and sales side of the business. What we didn’t know (which was a lot) we had to learn. Through trial and error as well as acquiring any of knowledge we lacked from YOUTUBE University (Seriously, Youtube!) we slowly yet steadily acquired the knowledge and skills needed to run and build a successful business.

Fast forward 3years later, we are humbled and proud to have fulfilled thousands of orders for salons, spas, academy’s, and lash/brow artists across the United States, as well as certifying thousands of licensed beauty professionals giving them the advanced education needed to reach their full potential in the beauty industry.
We Started from humble beginnings working out of our kitchen, today we are proud to say we now have hired half a dozen employees, a full shipping department and office, attracted tens of thousands of social media followers, and fulfill close to 1000 orders per week. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for us, My Absolute Beauty, and Elleebana. Everyday we strive to grow our business and renew our unshakable faith as well as our tunnel visioned focus that got us to this point. We will continue to scale our distribution and assist Elleebana in continuing to supply the USA beauty professionals with the best products, trainings, and the most incredible results for their clients.

Mckay and Jodi Jolley at My Absolute Beauty as well as Otto and Zoe Mitter at Elleebana HQ in Australia, THANK YOU for giving Sara and I the opportunity and allowing us to be a small part of the global engine that feeds the fire of the hottest trend in the beauty industry…ELLEEBANA!



Sincerely yours,

Austin & Sara Anderson
Lash Lift Store Owners