Lash Lift Store Platform Updates

planned updates

Wednesday 17th 3:00 AM MT Time – Platform Updates – some or all services may be temporary unavailable at this time. Expection completion time is Wednesday 17th 4:00 AM MT Time.

Lash Lift Store Platform Change Log

This page is to help our customers see what changes and improvements have been made to our platform. From time to time our team may revised, remove or edit the app for any reason to provide a more user experience and and elevate our platform to better serve our customers.


Current Production Version 2.4.1

– Updated and properly sanitized results.

– Updated Platform Assets

– Added Coupon Scratch Off to iOS App (Coming Soon)

– Added Community Features to iOS App

Previous Version:

2.4.0 (Nightlybuild)

– Updated Labels

– Updated Terms of Service

– Updated Privacy Policy

– Revised App Content

– Organized Categories on App Main Activity Screen

2.0.0 (Nightlybuild)

– Revamp iOS app from Hybrid Application to a 100% iOS native application