Professional Lash Extensions

Professional Lash Extensions

Professional Lash Extensions – The Pros & Cons


Long, luscious lashes are often the holy grail of the beauty world, with professionals looking for new and beneficial ways to achieve the best results for their clients. There are some great professional lash extensions on offer, but other treatments are available which enhance the natural lashes, whatever their length. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of eyelash extensions and other options you may like to consider.


Professional Eyelash Extensions Explained


Clients love lash extensions for their versatility, creating the look they want. You can achieve a subtle look with individual lash extensions or a more glamorous appearance with full strips. Having lashes professionally applied is a sure-fire way to achieve more comfort and ease than trying to fix them at home, as well as the longevity which comes from using high quality techniques and adhesives. Stylists will also give you the best lash extensions advice, letting you know about the right aftercare to achieving optimal results. If you find synthetic lashes uncomfortable, products such as mink lash strips from Lashes Everlasting feel lighter and softer, as well as creating a more realistic look as they mimic real hairs. Naturally shed mink is 100% cruelty-free, and the lashes sit along a cotton band for maximum comfort. They last up to 25 uses while synthetic lash strips don’t have as much staying power.


Why Choose Lash Lifts?


If you’re looking to offer your clients a great alternative to extensions, the lash lift is fast becoming one of the most popular lash enhancement treatments. Instead of using extensions, the technique aims to enhance the existing lashes by lifting them straight from the root. Far from damaging the lashes, treatments developed by expert brands such as Elleebana can even help to strengthen hairs, using ingredients in their products such as biotin and keratin. Lash lifts not only create a gorgeous natural curl without the need for extensions but last for up to three months, providing a low maintenance solution for those fed up with extensions. Beauty professionals are training in this amazing technique all over the world, constantly striving to offer their clients the best treatments. With a 20 minute application, lash lifts are one of the most comfortable eyelash treatments available, helping stylists run a successful, cost-effective business.


Looking for a new treatment to revive professional lash extensions? Take a look at our lash lift course pages now and become Elleebana certified with the Lash Lift Store.


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