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Lash Lift Training: Best Elleebana Courses for Beauty Professionals


Whether you’re a salon or beauty stylist, giving your clients the best experience possible comes through determination and hard work. It means always keeping up to date with the latest beauty techniques which produce beneficial, outstanding results they’ll love. That’s why so many beauty professionals are choosing to undertake lash lift training.


This popular way of curling lashes hits conventional methods out of the ballpark. With many women turning to natural beauty enhancements, the lash lift is the ideal solution for those looking for a viable alternative to lash extensions. Enhancing the existing lashes, the treatment ‘lifts’ the lashes from their root, producing a longer, defined curl.


Here at the Lash Lift Store, we love working alongside industry professionals, providing training courses to beauty technicians who are dedicated to offering the best treatments for their clients.


Why work with us?


  • We’ll train you in the best techniques by delivering high quality Elleebana courses.


  • Learn the lash lift process from start to finish, producing results that’ll wow your clients.


  • Develop your salon services to include the latest beauty treatments your clients will be asking about.


  • Gain your official certification to offer lash lifts as a service, giving you credibility as a professionally licensed lash lift provider.


  • Promote natural beauty by enhancing the features your clients already have.


Intrigued by the lash lift everyone’s talking about? Find out more about our Elleebana lash lift course.




Why Train in Elleebana Lash lifts?


Elleebana is continuing to set the standards in the lash lift industry, delivering products and training across the world which impress clients and beauty technicians alike. When looking for the right lash lift training course, Elleebana ticks all the boxes, helping professionals to produce amazing results for their clients with minimum hassle.


Here are just seven of the reasons we think the Elleebana lash lift course is a cut above the rest.


  1. The natural, longer looking lashes are thanks to the best lash lift kit in the industry containing everything you need. This includes silicone rods to perfectly position lashes and apply the treatment.


  1. The treatment can be used on everyone, whether their lashes are naturally long or short, delivering impressive results to a larger client base.


  1. Wow clients with a finish which ensures their lashes look elongated without the need for extensions.


  1. The Elleebana formulation is formaldehyde-free and contains ingredients such as keratin which nourish hair for healthier looking eyelashes.


  1. The application process is fast, taking only 20 minutes which is more comfortable for your clients and cost-effective for you.


  1. Elleebana’s unique treatment comes in single-use sachets which are easy for professionals to use and create hygienic workspaces.


  1. Let your clients know about the minimal lash lift aftercare required to help them maximize effects with very little effort involved. If they follow your advice, results can last up to three months.


Train with the Lash Lift Store


We’re proud to say we’re a US trainer and distributor for Elleebana lash lift products. We deliver some of the best training courses to beauty professionals while offering long-term support for business success. This means providing online resources, including a professional Elleebana lash store for salons and stylists to top up their supplies.


Lash Lift Store Training

Some beauty professionals think providing great treatments is as simple as watching a YouTube video. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you want to offer the best services to your clients. The investment you make to train with us gifts you with so much more than you could ever gain by watching a general instructional video online. It’s about gaining in-depth knowledge and skills to help you truly master the art of the lash lift technique, understanding the theory behind each part of the treatment.


By learning from industry trainers who are experts at what they do, you’ll learn to perfect your techniques. This is also beneficial for your clients who will notice the difference between using your services and someone who hasn’t received official training. In fact, we’ll show you how to customize your treatments to get rewarding results for each individual client, regardless of their eyelash length, shape, or color. It’s also important to have expert lash lift training to ensure you adhere to safety standards and don’t damage your clients’ lashes. Unfortunately, this a real possibility when you haven’t learned the best techniques.

Lash Lift Store Products


Get everything you need in our lash lift online beauty store.


From beneficial keratin mascaras to use after lash lift treatments to our complete lash lift kits, we ensure you have the best supplies available. There are plenty of items in our online store so that you can customize each order to what you require. This not only means having everything you need to provide quality lash lift services but the ability to market your treatments to clients. Elevate your business above the rest with information flyers, decals, table tents, posters, and aftercare advice flyers to create more visibility and professionalism in your salon or treatment rooms.


We also offer a wide range of Belmacil tints which is the best eyelash color product to use in conjunction with lash lift treatments. Belmacil uses a lower volume of peroxide in their formula which prevents the lash lift curl being lost after its application. Most tinting brands use 20% peroxide in their dye agents compared with as little as 3% in Belmacil’s tints. This is great news for beauty professionals who can offer tinting treatments that won’t minimize the effect of the lash lift or damage the lashes.


Book Your Training Now


Whether looking for online or hands-on experience, if you’d like to receive your official lash lift certification, book your lash lift training now.