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Lash Perm Kit for Lash Lifts

Lash perms have long held their place as one of the most popular alternatives to lash extensions, enhancing the natural beauty everyone has rather than creating a look with false lashes. There are different types of perming treatments, and one of the latest to rock the beauty industry is the lash lift which provides a different technique to the traditional perm. If you’re looking for a lash perm kit which will help take your beauty business to the next level, we have dozens of products to help you provide the highest quality services for your clients.

Elleebana is the industry’s leading lash lift brand which is why our experts at the Lash Lift Store have partnered with them to become a US trainer and distributor for their products. This includes their incredible collection of kits which cover a range of needs from student learning to complete lash lift and tint supplies.

Why train to use our kits?

ü  Deliver exceptional services to help grow a loyal customer base, providing comfortable and enjoyable experiences with fast results.

ü  Get everything you need to help your clients achieve gorgeous, long lashes without extensions.

ü  Use our training courses to find out more about the best techniques, how to use tools correctly, and the beneficial products in each kit.

ü  Top up your supplies in our online store, including individual products and marketing materials.

ü  Get ongoing support to develop your career, using the expertise of our top trainers.

Looking for the best lash lift kit for your salon or beauty business? Check out our Elleebana store now.



The Best Kit for Lash Perm Treatments

In a fast-paced industry, finding the best eyelash enhancements and products for your clients is of utmost importance if you want to stay ahead of the competition. While lash extensions remain popular, this is often because clients haven’t considered the benefits of enhancing their natural lashes or don’t consider themselves a candidate for the treatment. By training in new techniques, you can educate others about beneficial treatments and how to get the best outcome for what they desire when it comes to their lashes.

Traditional Lash Perm vs Lash Lift

The traditional lash perm uses a technique which curls the eyelashes around cylindrical rods, creating a tighter curled effect while opening up the eyes. The perm isn’t typically suitable for those with short lashes as there needs to be enough length to wind the lashes around the rods. The technique also has the effect of shortening the lashes which isn’t ideal for those who lack length initially.

On the other hand, lash lifts are suitable for all lash lengths, lifting the lashes from their root for a smoother looking curl. It’s a gentler process which creates dramatically longer lashes, and Elleebana has worked hard to create a formula which creates a healthier structure and appearance to the lashes than ever before. By using ingredients such as keratin in products (including their strong hold adhesive), you can actually treat eyelash health at the same time as the lash lift. Keratin is a naturally found protein which strengthens lashes and promotes healthy growth, stopping hair from breaking so easily. Lasting for up to 12 weeks, the lash lift is perfect for those with a busy schedule, who find extensions uncomfortable, and clients who want amazing lashes which are low maintenance.

Essentials for a Lash Lift Kit

After undertaking lash lift or lash perm training, it’s important to have high quality supplies to achieve the best results. Here are some of our favorite items to include in your lash perm kit.

·         Setting and lift solutions – Create a defined, luscious lift with solutions contained in single shot sachets for easy, hygienic use.

·         Keratin mascaras – Elleebana produces the only mascaras suitable for lash lifts, containing keratin for long lasting, healthier lashes.

·         Silicone rods – Made for gentler lash lift application, choose the best size rod for the lash length (small to extra-large).

·         Lash lift adhesive – Elleebana’s extra hold glue has a much stronger grip than other adhesives, ensuring you only have to apply it once during the treatment to help those lashes stay put on the rods.

·         Isolator tool – Easily separate the lashes for even coverage of the lash lift solutions while smoothing hairs out across the silicone rods for optimum results.

·         Eyelash pads – Use gel patches to protect the eye while providing a comfortable experience for your clients.

·         Belma eye make-up remover – a ‘must have’ for any color stylist, remove unwanted mascara and make-up before performing a lash perm or lift. You can also remove old tinting products before reapplying as part of the treatment.

·         Tints & application brush – Create the best color for lashes with Belmacil tints, ideal for combining with a lash lift treatment for a great finish in the style of your client’s choice.

The best part about our Lash Lift Store is having such a vast range of kits so that you can choose the right one for your needs. Packs include starter kits, essentials boxes, and full lift and tint kits. We also recommend you consider how to promote your services, creating more visibility for your clients about the types of treatments you offer. Think outside the box and provide information via a variety of methods, including window decals, table tents, branded aprons and make-up bags, posters, and informational flyers. You can also give clients aftercare flyers to help them easily maintain their lash lift at home for longer lasting results, enhancing your reputation as someone who cares about your clients having the best experience possible.

Looking to put together a lash perm kit? Take a look through our product pages now to find out more about the wonderful selection of supplies we provide. You can also take a look at our course information if hoping to train in a new skill and advance your beauty career. The Lash Lift Store is here to support you throughout.