The Perfect Lash Lift

The Perfect Lash Lift
In order to preform the perfect lash lift for your clients, you need to have the right tools. At Lash Lift Store by Elleebana, we carry the top products and training.
The complete line of Elleebana Lash and Brow products are the best in the industry and allows you to deliver the best beauty services to your clients. In today’s post, we will help you get to know Elleebana’s One Shot Lash Lift supplies that are included in our lash lift kits. For all of your lash lift needs, including training, certification, and supplies, visit our online beauty store today or Contact Us by call at 1-(801)-850-7793 or email at [email protected]


Elleebana Silicone Lifting Rods

Silicone rods are arguably one of the most important tools in the lash lift process. Elleebana Silicone Lifting Rods are available in four different sizes — small, medium, large, and extra-large. For the rods to give lashes the right shape and curl (and to protect your client’s eyelids), lash rods should be fitted so that the lashes only extend to the halfway point of the rods with the tips extending to approximately two-thirds of the rod. If lashes extend beyond that, size up!

Coming soon to Lash Lift Store, Extreme Lash Styling Shields!

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Lash Lifting Adhesive

Lash lift adhesive is an important element in the lash lift process. Elleebana Lash Lift Adhesive is gentle, non-toxic, and washes off with just water. Use it to hold lash lift rods and eyelid protectors securely in place, then gently dissolve it off without hurting your client’s skin.

Lash Lifting Lotion

Step One – The lifting solution is what makes the magic happen! Elleebana’s own Otto Mitter formulates and manufactures the absolute best eyelash and eyebrow products in the entire world! The One Shot Lash Lifting System has the fastest processing times in the industry, is formulated to lift your client’s lashes with without damaging the structure of the lashes, comes in single-use individual sachets, this is the most hygienic way to apply the product and limits wasting product which saves you money. What beauty professionals and their clients rave about and is the absolute standard in the world of lifting are the fabulous results.

In just 20 – 30 minutes anyone can have amazing lashes!

TIP: The lift lotion should only be applied from the base to about halfway up the lash shaft, never on the tips! This helps prevent over curling, breaking, and a heavy feeling.

Lash Lifting Setting/Neutralizing Lotion

Step Two – Lash lifting setting lotion, or neutralizer, is what makes gives the lift lotion its finishing touch! Once the lift lotion has gone to work making the lashes take shape, the setting lotion makes it last. Elleebana’s One Shot Lash Lift Neutralizer is just like the lash lift lotion, coming in single-use packets to prevent product waste.

Isolator Tool

A professional lash lift requires a lot of precision and attention to detail. Use Elleebana’s Lash Isolator Tool to individually pull and separate each lash into place from the base. This allows you to get the lashes in just the right position ensuring that the results are outstanding. Remember, the lashes will set exactly as you place them on the silicone rod. Be sure to take the time to separate and extend each lash hair. Elleebana’s Isolator Tool is made of stainless steel and has the most precision of any other lash lifting tool.

Eyelash Pads

The importance of eyelash underage patches should not be underestimated during any lash procedure. While they are an option, they also serve the purpose of keeping the sensitive under eye area protected and covers the lower eyelashes to prevent them from getting stuck to the upper lashes during a lash lint or lash lift. Skipping this step is not recommended! Using our quality under eye pads will ensure comfort for your client and a. lash lifting result that they will love! As an add-on service to increase your profitability we recommend offering your clients our collagen eye masks as a rejuvenating under eye treatment post lift. They can even use it at home.


Applicator Sticks

No matter how many fancy tools are created, there just doesn’t seem to be a tool more useful than disposable applicators! Use them to apply small amounts of product accurately and clean up small areas with detail and precision. Available in our Beauty Supply Store.

Belma Remove

The first and last step to any eyelash treatment should be the removal of all product! Use Belma Remove to safely and gently wash away any eye makeup and mascara prior to beginning your lash lift service.

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