When can I take my daughter for her first Elleebana lash lift?

When can I take my daughter for her first Elleebana lash lift?

Every woman who wants to look their best has someone who’s look and style inspires them. When your role model tries a new look, you start to think about trying one too. When they start using a different kind of make-up, you wonder what new brands or colors you could try. This typically starts and a young age and the first person any daughter looks up to and wants to emulate is their Mother. This has been true for as long as humans have walked upright. (I think) 😉

With the advent of the internet as well as our ability to connect with anyone around the world it has become commonplace for moms everywhere to easily explore and share their incredibly diverse interpretations as well as their individual beauty. 

A common question we hear, that honestly has no perfect answer is:

When is it okay for my child to start beauty treatments such as lash lifting, make up, facials, color treatments, etc.?

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the question of when you should allow your daughter to receive her first lash lift.

Some beauty treatments are innocuous, such as coloring your hair or painting your nails. These are fun activities to do and make young girls feel better about themselves and a bit older as well. However, other beauty treatments that are a bit more invasive, such as microneedling, facials, or Botox, that are purely for cosmetic reasons should be allowed with an abundance of caution. Injectables, for example, are meant to eliminate the signs of aging. Your daughter had no signs of aging and so thus shouldn’t need an injection. Furthermore, your daughter is still growing, and putting a foreign substance into her body might not be the best idea. Lash Lift Store recommends that you consider the specifics, including product brand, ingredients, time of service, time of treatment results, and the beauty professionals level of expertise performing the treatment. 

Our expertise at Lash Lift Store is in the lash and brow game, particularly lash lifting, as well as everything Elleebana. We believe that your love for lash lifting will inevitably be shared with and passed down to her.

At Lash Lift Store we offer a one stop shop for beauty professionals and are the number one source in the U.S.A. for all your Elleebana lash lifting, Belmacil tint needs, along with offering the most comprehensive and educational lash lift and tint training courses, facilitated by the industries top trainers. All our trainers are licensed beauty professions, accredited by Elleebana and Belmacil, they have years of experience in the beauty industry, and are at the top of their game. Now, because of the amazing technology of today, we have the ability to make them more accessible than we ever have.

We also offer lash lift supplies to go along with your lash lift training. You do not need to be certified to purchase product however its highly recommended.

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Here at Lash Lift Store we know based on our own experiences with our daughters that there is a delicate balance between encouraging your daughter to embrace her natural beauty and also encouraging her to engage in a beauty treatment to not only improve her appearance, feel better about her appearance, as well experience the bonding that happens doing something together you both love.

When getting a lash lift for the first time we highly recommend you:

* Choose a Certified Elleebana Stylist.

* Choose the curl of her lash for her. Chances are she will be guessing. 

* Processing times should be no longer than 4-6 minutes. This time will go down or up depending on your daughters type and length of lashes. (Ask your Certified Stylist for her advice as well)

* Have your stylist patch test your daughter 24-48 hrs prior to receiving the treatment.

In the end, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your daughter. It will come down to what the stylist, parent and child decide on together that is appropriate and right for you and your daughter.

As long as you help your daughter understand the importance of a healthy self-image along with encouraging her to love the girl she is in all her wonder and natural beauty you can’t go wrong.

One final caveat: Don’t forget about the power you, as the mom, have over your daughter’s attitude towards beauty and how she feels about herself.


Happy Lifting,

Lash Lift Store by Elleebana

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